Estate Planning

or as we call it...Legacy Planning.

What's the difference?  Estate planning is about documents.  Boiler plate, downloadable templates that do not at all reflect you or your love for your family.  Legacy Planning, on the other hand, is about your love for your family, your desire to create a future that is bigger than yourself, and creating more meaningful relationships and intentional lives.

Yes, ultimately you will walk away with a comprehensive set of documents that will stand up to any challenge, but what you get is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wishes will be followed even when you're no longer there.

Legacy Planning addresses your whole family wealth. Everyone knows you leave the tangible stuff behind, but we think it’s important that you leave the intangible stuff as well. Your loved ones will be looking for you long after you’re going and we know that-if you could-you would always be there. That’s why we help you pass on more than your money. We help you pass on your intellectual, spiritual and human assets as well. We include that with every plan. Your families will love having that as part of their plan and you will love providing it. 

We see planning as just the beginning of the relationship and the actual documents as just a small component. 

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